About us


Ark Behavioral Health is a network of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facilities that provide a variety of levels of care to those who are prepared to begin their journey toward recovery.

The commitment to our clients is unmatched and proven by offering a diverse set of clinical therapies, combined with a professional, caring staff.  Our individualized approach is aimed at treating the underlying causes of addiction and facilitating lifelong sobriety.  We put the individual’s needs first throughout the treatment process.  While our clients are with us, we help manage their addiction and provide the tools and support systems they need to live free from substance abuse.

Millions of Americans are living in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Many have known decades of despair and anguish but found healing with the right treatment and an intense desire for recovery. Our goals at Ark Behavioral Health extends beyond helping our clients achieve sobriety. Every therapeutic intervention we deliver is designed to empower a sense of purpose and a joyous life in recovery.